First Popcorn Show N Sell Event

Hi All,

Troop 410 will be holding its first popcorn Show N Sell event this Saturday from 11 – 3 outside the IGA on Route 25A in Northport. Due to the overwhelming show of interest in attending this event by the boys at the signup last Wednesday, we were unable to schedule all who were interested at this first event. There will be additional sales held on November 1, 2, and 8 so there will be plenty of opportunities besides this one, so everyone that wants a chance to attend should be able to do so.

Those who were selected, as well as the alternates are shown below with their scheduled selling time slot.

IMPORTANT: Please confirm your child’s availability for the time slot shown below via return e-mail as soon as possible. Responses must be received by Friday afternoon at the latest. If all slots have not been confirmed by Friday afternoon, the alternates will be given the next option to take those slots. After that, if slots remain we’ll open it up to the whole troop.

This is a full Class A uniform event, and scouts are reminded that they are representing the Troop in the community, so please act accordingly. The total sales from each event will be divided and credit apportioned to each scout based on their attendance time and level of participation, so please make sure your scout signs in and out of the event and participates actively at the sale.


Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014

Location: IGA, Route 25A, Northport

Time: 11 – 3 pm

Leaders – Mr. Aiello and Mr. Johnson

11-1 pm

1. Blake Borghard

2. Dan Borghard

3. Jason Aiello

4. Thomas Thonger

1-3 pm

1. Matt Nock

2. Tom Nowack

3. Ryan Bolitho

4. Chris Bolitho


Brian Cocci

Kieran Chotiner

David Hayhurst

Seamus Roper

Angelo Bruno

We will have sign-up sheets for the sales on November 1, 2, and 8 at tonight’s meeting.

Happy selling!

John Johnson

Popcorn “Kernel”