Volunteers Needed to Help With Next Popcorn Sale

Hi All,

Troop 410 held its first “Show N Sell” popcorn sale in front of IGA in Northport this Saturday and it was a resounding success. We have three more sales events scheduled:

Saturday, November 1 – Stop N Shop Northport (2 tables, one at each entrance)

Sunday, November 2 – Stop N Shop Northport (2 tables, one at each entrance)

Saturday, November 8 – Stop N Shop Northport (Probably 1 table)

A minimum of one adult is needed at each table to supervise the boys. Andy Fox has generously volunteered to man one of the tables on November 2 and Marty Joyce has volunteered to do November 8. Both Joe Aiello and myself worked the table this weekend. But we still need adult volunteers to supervise both tables on November 1 and the second table on November 2. It isn’t hard to do…we worked out all the kinks this weekend.

The leader base in our troop is pretty small and is over subscribed handling other troop events so we haven’t been able to fill these slots from within the troop leadership.

I’d like to ask some of the parents to volunteer to supervise the tables so we don’t have to cancel these critical fundraising events, as they are clearly an effective way to raise needed troop funds and they were difficult to obtain the permission to do.

So please check your schedules and see if you can free up some time (from 11-3) on those dates to help the troop reach its fundraising goals for the year. We need your help.


John Johnson

Troop 410 Treasurer and Popcorn Kernel