Turkey Cookout / Family Dinner

We have our annual Turkey Cookout / Family Dinner coming up in a couple of weeks. This is a great event where the boys actually cook the families a full thanksgiving dinner. We have a large shelter reserved, boys will stay out in either tents or under tarps.

Each scout was assigned to bring down a given food/snack or drink. If he did not communicate that to you – we will review it again at tomorrow night’s meeting.

I will be sending out permission slips later as well but the trip consists of the troop heading to West Hills Park on Friday evening for a night of camping. Saturday boys will have some activities during the day/morning. Then in the afternoon we begin to prepare the meal. We are expecting about 100 or more so there is a lot to prepare. Parents and families will come down (in the permission slip will be the times) for dinner and desert. After dinner the parents and guests get to go home with the scouts staying the 2nd night.

This is usually one of our bigger trips – it would be really great to have a good turnout of scouts and parents in attendance.

Hope you all can attend.

Joe Aiello