Troop Adult Leadership Meeting – Update

Hello All,

Need to change the date of this meeting to Wednesday night – hope that you can all make it that where coming on Thursday.



Subject: Troop Adult Leadership Meeting

Hello Troop,

Next Thursday at 7:30pm, I will be hosting a get together for all current troop adult leaders. We try and gather a couple of times a year to review current and upcoming items for the troop and do some high level planning.

I extend invite to any other adult in the troop that is interested in helping the troop moving forward. As I mentioned at the last COH – what makes this troop work is the huge amount of time many, many people put into this group. Without that effort by so many here – this troop could not exist.

As we continue to grow – we will need additional leaders to take up some of the efforts and continue to move the troop forward. Being involved in the troop as an adult is a great way to participate with your son in an activity which is really unique. Not too many things your child will be involved in can be done together like in Scouts. If you son plays in the band or in a sport – yes you drive them to and from but you are not marching with them nor are you on the field with them.

Scouting however is different – you can hike the same trail they hike, you can repel off the same rock face as them and you can paddle down the same river with them as well. Just as I want to see every Scout take full advantage of what we offer here at Troop 410, I want you the parents to be part of this process too.

The Troops’ main objective is to create the next generation of confident, experienced leaders to move out into the world. There are absolutely ways that just about anyone can contribute to that goal.

So if you have considered being on the committee, being an adult leader, or just want to find out a little bit more about what it takes – come on down next Thursday. This is a informal gathering and generally more of a social event.

Hope to see several new faces next week.


Joe Aiello

25 Rose Court

Northport, NY