Maine HA Advice from Mr Bontje

Subject: RE: FW: Maine Hi Ad

Guys:  Have an awesome time!!!  This is the most challenging of all the high adventures, especially the hiking Mt.Katahdin cirque at at the end.  The Knife edge is one of the 50 best hikes in the world (no kidding).  Watch the weather carefully.  SO, BE PREPARED!!!!  Every one needs Very good boots, 2 liters of water, collapsible hiking poles,a good day pack, maps, compass, nite headlight, matches, lots of high calorie snacks, a camera  and waking the hills of Northport/up and down every day this week (at least) to get ready.  

Bring a sweat shirt and long pants.  It get cool (actually down to freezing one year) at night in summer in central Maine.  Bring camp shoes – wet feet on the river are OK during the day but a bummer in camp at night.   Waterproof bags help a lot.  Do not bring packs on the river.  Dry bags will fit better, stuffed in the forward and aft ends of the Kayaks.  The canoes are largely for troop equip. – NOT personal gear (except adults).   Fishing is usually excellent. Get some temporary licence’s and brings small, collapsible gear.  
Get on the river/lakes EARLY every day!!!  If you get to campsites early, you will have your pick.   Get there late and get “stuck” in the OK ones.   If you are more than 12, split into “2” groups and space out about 15 min apart (River and BSA rules).  
FOOD:  bring lots of water purifying pumps or Aqua Mira.  
The local supermarkets and trader Joe can help a lot.   
Dried tortellini (Barilla seems best – many flavors) – 2 person bags will serve for one person, one night.  A little Knorrs’ sauce on top, reconstituted with some water and dry milk really makes a nice sauce.  alternate nights with the flavor- sun dried tomatoes adds nutrients and lots of flavor.  The packets of sliced pepperoni too.
Knorrs pre-made “side” dishes make a good base for a dinner.  Add a dried meat – jerky and yo have got something.  Light and lots of flavor and calories.
The instant potatoes make a good base for a dinner.   Add dries peas or carrots plus Prosciutto and cheese.   
Lunches:  The foil packets of tuna or salmon make a good base.  Bring little packets of relish, mustard or lemon juice (you can pick them up for free with Coffee or a slurpee at 7-11, etc.)   A packet of tacos or flat breads to roll it up in is tasty too.  
Breakfasts:  Granola in ziplock bags is good.  Bring dried fruit and dried milk to mix in and then add water.  Tortillas with pre-cooked bacon and mozzarella sticks wrapped up is pretty good.   Bring little packets of honey or salsa for flavor and calories (you can also pick them up with Coffee at 7-11, etc.).
Snacks:  Besides the usual candies and energy bars, Trades Joes has good jerkies and freeze dried fruits.  The bananas are excellent and apple slices are good too (put them in the granola also).  The strawberries taste good but reduce quickly to dust.  
On the River and to the lower Mt.Katahdin campground,  you can bring a full stove.  So, coffee, boiling water for the freeze dried stuff is easier.  
Joe P, Gregg, Chris or Bruce:  Any other advice???
Mike Bontje