Cow Harbor Weekend Activities

Hi folks,
This weekend we have two community events on the calendar.

On Saturday (9/17) we work the mile three water stop on Ocean Ave by Crinkle Ct. We’ll meet at 7:45. Try to be on time as it will be difficult to get there close to the race start time as roads will be closed. During the race we hand out water to the runners. At the midway point of the race, it is much appreciated by the runners. When the last of the runners are through, we clean up the cups the runners left behind. This is a Class B dress event. Troop t-shirt is OK and you’ll also receive a Volunteer shirt from the race organizers. It may be wise to come with a rake, shovel or broom. From what I’ve heard, there’s a lot of cups in the street.

On Sunday we have (9/18) we march in the Cow Harbor Day Parade. We will meet at our normal location on Laurel Avenue north of the Brosnan Admin building at 11:30. All scouts are expected to attend the parade with exceptions for boys marching with Band, Football, Fire Eaters, or Trinity. This is a Class A uniform dress event. Shirt, neckerchief, slide, and shorts or pants. No athletic shorts or pants please. Drop you son off, then find a nice shady spot along the route. When done, we’ll stay at the end or the route by the parking lots so you can locate us.

Also for the boys that volunteered to help in the park on Saturday. Meet Mr. DeSimone at 6:30 on Saturday. When done, he’ll give you lift up to the water stop.

See you all then.