West Hills Campout / Family Turkey Dinner


We have our annual West Hills Camping trip November 18 – 20. We’ll meet at the St. Paul’s Friday, November 18 at 6pm to load our gear and head out to the camp ground. There is no cost for this camping trip, however, we’ll be asking each scout to bring a food item for the dinner on Saturday evening.

On Saturday some boys will do their 5 mile hike. It is a requirement for Second Class and is a good time for the younger scouts to complete the task.

The highlight of the weekend is the Turkey Dinner on Saturday evening. All families are invited to come and have dinner. The scouts will work in the afternoon making the meals for all to eat.

Mr. DeSimone is working on the Saturday dinner list, and we’ll have it shortly for the boys. We ask that if you are unable to attend, that you please still send in your food item for Saturday night. We usually have a large turnout and there will be lots of hungry mouths to feed that evening. We’ll need all the items Mr. DeSimone asks for.

Permission slip is attached and is due next Wednesday 11/16. The camp planning for this trip will also be 11/16. During planning, the boys will figure out their food for other meals with their patrols. Please have scout eat dinner Friday evening and bring a snack for later on. They will plan and cook Saturday breakfast, lunch and Sunday breakfast. The patrols will figure out what each scout is going to bring and will divvy out a shopping list among themselves. Last year I saw some scouts with no food and no patrol planning or organization. I’d like to make sure that the scouts plan and get some level of food in their systems this year.

Lastly, if you plan on attending dinner and taking your scout on Saturday evening, I ask that you please let me know beforehand. During Webelos Woods, boys left without letting me know. When I’m doing my counts for scouts and I’m consistently short of the number we left with, I start to worry. Also, I want to make sure that we have enough coverage for Sunday cleanup. I may ask if there are many scouts leaving Saturday evening, that some come back to pitch in and clean up Sunday.

Thank you.

West Hills Permission Slip.pdf