Klondike 2017 Recap

Hi folks,

This past weekend’s trip to Baiting Hollow for the Matinecock District Klondike was a huge success. The boys that went had a complete blast. For those of you that don’t know about what goes on during Klondike, think of it as an Olympic Event. There are eight stations to visit on Saturday to show off your skills. Some actually are scout skills.

This year the Klondike was run by Troop 125 and the stations they had setup for the boys to visit on Saturday were called:
The Great Escape – Obstacle course
Stairway to Heaven – Hitches and Lashings
Logg Slicin’ – Slice log with two man lumberjack saw
Hungry for Hunting – Slingshot marksmanship
Starvation Station – Tomahawk toss marksmanship
Helping Your Fellow Man – First aid
Shelter Shakedown -Build a shelter
Hard Boiled Survival – Build fire and hard boil an egg

On Sunday there is the Great Sled Race. Boys pull and push the sled through a course.

Our boys were on they younger side of the troop. Five first year scouts, two second year, and one third year, making up one patrol. Calling themselves the Bacon Ninjas

Making this trip extra nice was the snow. They boys got a real feel for winter camping. We had 8 inches of snow on Saturday. Friday night’s low was 25 degrees. Saturday night went down to 15. There were rumors of 6, but I checked the historical data. None of that accounts for any wind chill. It was cold Sunday morning.

They boys were all properly prepared, nobody froze to death. I was close as I listened to News 12 for the last time on Thursday and wasn’t expecting any snow on Saturday. Eldon lent me a coat, saving me from getting sicker than I actually am.

They place the top six in each event. Here’s where the Bacon Ninjas stood.
Stairway to Heaven – 2nd place. You’re kidding right? Hitches and Lashings??
Logg Slicin‘ – 6th place. For perspective two 17 year old scouts took first.
Helping Your Fellow Man – 4th place. Right after lunch, snow was really coming down
Hard Boiled Survival – 2nd Place. Our boys can light a fire!

Overall Klondike competition – 4th Place!!!!! There were 20 troops. Many with multiple patrols. I’m thinking that 4th was out of 35 entries.

Sunday’s Great Sled Race was held on skis for the first time in many years. It doesn’t count toward the competition, mostly for fun. Two categories. Under 14 and Over 14. Our boys finished in 2nd place, by 3 seconds in the under 14.

I couldn’t be more proud of the eight boys that came and spent the entire weekend. We had no boys leave early. They all stuck it out in the cold Saturday night and colder Sunday morning. They all pitched in breaking and cleaning camp, then hoofing all our equipment out to the cars. We’re probably 1/4 mile from the parking lot and had 1000 pounds of gear we had to walk out.

Here are some pictures of the event.

This is the storm on Saturday. Built a wind break.

Saturday storm. Tents and equipment starting to get covered.

Saturday storm. Equipment and cooking stations covered. Didn’t help keep snow away. Everything was covered with blown snow.

Sunday race. Here are the boys pulling/pushing the sled past our camp uphill toward the finish line.

Saturday storm. Lake at the park.

Saturday evening. Staying warm by the fire.

Saturday evening, A tent under more snow.

Another picture of the sled race. They were dogging a bit here. Leaders fixed that 😉

I’d have pictures of Saturday at some of the events, but my hands were cold and I didn’t take any.

Next year’s trip should be as much fun as this one. If you think you can’t handle camping in the cold weather, you can. Especially car camping where you can bring as many provisions as you like. I’d like to see two patrols in the competition next year from Troop 410.