Your advancement planning for the next COH

Date: Sun, Jan 29, 2017 at 7:25 PM


(Parents, please share this message with your Scouts.)

Are you planning to seek a rank advancement for presentation at the next COH on March 29?

Keep this in mind: there are only 6 Wednesday night meetings between now and then.

To be sure your paperwork is completed in time, note these deadlines:

– The last night for Scoutmaster meetings is March 8.
– (or March 15 for Scrubs seeking to advance to Scout).

– The last Wednesday night for Boards of Review or merit badge blue cards to be submitted is March 15.

Reminder – the merit badge and rank advancement process outline is available here:


Mr. Garvey
Advancement Chairman
Troop 410, Boy Scouts of America

Northport, NY