Help needed – Scout Sunday (Feb. 12)

Troop 410,

I am asking for volunteers to help out on Scout Sunday, which is February 12th this year.

This service is in recognition of the Scouts (and adults) for all of the activities they do in support of the community, and scouting in general. As such, it would be nice to have a strong turnout, especially since without Church sponsorship we’d not be able to conduct our weekly troop activities.

Aside from attendance, I’m asking for volunteers for a few specific tasks. We will need 3 ushers to bring attendees of the service into the church and seat them. If you have a 5 minute speech requirement that’s not been met for your communications badge, this is your chance to get it. There are a few straightforward speaking parts that anyone can do. They are:

– Call to worship (introduction to the beginning of the service)

– Opening prayer

– Scripture reading 1 (short reading from the Big Book)

– Scripture reading 2 (ditto)

I’ll handle the talk addressing the Scouts which will encompass what we do for the community, how Scouting helps the members work as a team to accomplish things, and the Church’s role in sponsoring us and what that means to the scouting members.

The scouts who volunteer to usher will need to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the church service. The speaking parts are easy. The pastor will prompt all readers when it’s time to do their part.

Thanks in advance for the help and your attendance.


Mr. Paul Stehlik

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 410