2017-18 Scouting Year

Hi folks,

Hope you all had a nice summer. Can’t believe it is over already and the kids are on their way back to school.

I wanted to send a quick note regarding our start of the year. Our fist meeting will be next Wednesday, September 13. It is important that all boys are present for the meeting. They will be assigned their patrols, pick a patrol name, elect their patrol leader, assistant and quartermaster. Boys not present will likely not be elected for a position.

I also wanted to send out our yearly schedule. We’re tentative for some items on the list, but as we get closer to certain dates, we’ll have more information. The first few months of the schedule are ok. Our schedule is also updated on the web site. https://northport410.org/

Please note that the Cow Harbor activities are coming up the weekend of 9/16, right after our first meeting. We’re doing the water stop again on Saturday for the 10k and we’ll be marching in the parade on Sunday.

If you have any questions, please fee free to reach out.


2017-18 Schedule – Tentative.docx