Indian Island Camping Trip

Hi folks,

We have planned our first camping trip on September 29 – October 1st. We’re heading to Indian Island campgrounds in Riverhead, NY. On Saturday, we are looking to do a day trip. Our options are shotgun shooting and kayaking. To shoot shotguns, you will need to be at least 12 years old.

Looking to get an approximate head count for the trip and what activity the boys would like to do. We plan to split up for each activity on Saturday.

Please take some time to fill out the form linked below so we can get some early interest numbers.

Permission slip is also attached. Please have the permission slip/payment in by 9/20. Trip planning will be at the 9/27 meeting and scouts attending will figure out among themselves what the meals will be and who is responsible for picking up items. If attending the camping trip, it’s important that you be at the planning meeting on 9/27.

Parents – If you do plan to attend, we do the same with our menu items for the weekend.

Cost for camping will be $15. The cost for shooting or kayaking will be approximately $40. Total $55.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Indian Island Permission Slip.pdf