Meter Wrap / Leaf Rake

Hi folks,We’re still missing some scouts replies either affirmative or negative for this Friday’s community service event. We are providing egg sandwiches for this event. We are buying food based on the number of "yes" replies, If more folks show up, there will be unhappy people.

For those that replied "yes" Please be at the church between 7:30 – 8:00 for the community service event this coming Friday, November 24th. We moved it up a little bit because the Northport Chamber of Commerce representative is meeting us then.

Not everyone is going to get to meter wrap, but all should have their class A uniform if you are picked to go (Shirt, neckerchief and slide). We want the village to see Troop 410 out providing this service. When you are done and back for leaf raking, take it off so it doesn’t get filthy.

Bring a rake. It will be needed. Also if you have leaf blowers, bring them along as well. All power equipment help is appreciated 😉