December Activities

Below are the outings/events planned for December. It is a light month. It is important that you read all the info otherwise you may miss a outing you were planning on attending.

The outings/events in this email are: Greenbelt Day Hiking Trip. We have regular meetings scheduled on December 6, 13 and 20.

Greenbelt Day Hiking Trip – December 9

We are going to do a day hike on the Greenbelt Trail. We’re thinking of the Long Island Trail which has ends in Kings Park and Great River. We’ll be hiking north from Heckscher. It’s a long trail and we’re going to start and see how far we can get. It should be a fun day trip. There will be no cost for this day hike.

It may be chilly so proper clothing is a good idea. Also on any hike, proper foot wear is a must. Please wear a nice snug fitting sock. If you don’t have any, pick a pair up or pick up a sock liner for under your regular sock. It will help keep blisters at bay. For actual shoes, a nice hiking boot is needed that your foot won’t slide around in. You may even have to tie them to keep them from rubbing your foot. If you don’t have a hiking boot, sneakers will be fine for this hike. We’re not expecting rough terrain for this one.

We’ll meet at 6AM at the church. Eat breakfast before you arrive. Bring a day pack with extra clothes if needed and a rain jacket if we are expecting rain. Pack a lunch, some snacks and bring plenty of water. We’ll eat along the trail.

Again, here is a link to our Backpacking list. For this hike, pay close attention to the clothing and footwear. Keep eye on weather and dress accordingly.

Sign Up Sheet:
Permission Slip:

Reminder notes on Troop 410 Event Sign Ups

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to sign up for an event. However, attempts to capture scout / parent interest is not working in its current form. Asking scouts at meetings isn’t working. Sending a sign up sheet link get’s 3 or 4 responses. I’ve been told that it doesn’t work from cell phones to well, so I’m going to try one other avenue to collect information. An online Volunteer Sign Up sheet site. Each event will have the information we are looking to collect. The site works well from cell phones. Info we need to collect is generally Scout Attending, Parent Attending and Not Attending. Just add the names and info in the corresponding section.

It will look like this when clicking on the link:

Selecting one of the options, will bring you to the form to fill out. If you are filling out a scout and a parent, make sure that you put your names in each section. Scouts name in scout section, and parent name in parent attending section. If your scout is not attending, please add to the Not Attending section. For attending parents, we’re also looking to collect one last bit of info. The number of scouts they can transport. With this site there is no easy way to capture it, so I ask that in your last name field on the form, put in parenthesis the number you can transport. Example:

Ideally, each event will have a response for each scout, roughly 40 responses. I don’t know how else to collect information on interest in events. If this fails, we’re most likely going to create a parent committee to figure out the next steps on trip planning and execution.