January Activities

Below are the outings/events planned for January. It is important that you read all the info otherwise you may miss a outing you were planning on attending.

The outings/events in this email are: 9th Annual Polar Bear Swim, Family Ski Trip, Clinton/Fox Eagle COH and Klondike. We have regular meetings scheduled on January 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31.

9th Annual Polar Bear Swim – January 1

We are once again holding our Polar Bear Swim on January 1 to benefit the Northport Food Pantry. It is part of Troop 410’s commitment to the Scouting for Food initiative. It is one of Newsday’s ten best things to do on New Year’s Day. A sign up sheet went out last week for boys that are going to come early to help with the construction. They are meeting at 9 AM at Steer’s Beach to setup. The boys not on early setup duty should be there at 10 to help with the rest of the setup. Please be on time as there is a lot to do. The Polar Bear Committee will send additional notes as needed for reminders. I just ask that if you are unable to attend, please let us know so that we plan accordingly.

Clinton/Fox Eagle COH – January 6
Richie Clinton and Taylor Fox have earned the rank of Eagle. Please come down and celebrate the achievement with them. The families have sent out a invitation with the details. Please RSVP.

Family Ski Trip – January 12 – 15

This is not an official Troop 410 outing. We’ve always had a great time on the ski trip and if you could make it, you will not be disappointed. It’s a good time for the adults to get to know one another and the scouts and siblings also have a blast. Stephanie Clinton is our coordinator for the trip and can be reached at psalm91sgc@yahoo.com with any questions.

Matinecock District Klondike – January 19 – 21

The district has scheduled their winter camping event at Baiting Hollow. It’s a scouting event where the different troop’s patrols face off against one another for points in scouting skills. Last year, Troop 410 finished fourth overall out of thirty plus patrols. There was 10 inches of snow on Saturday. All that attended had a fantastic time. More info will follow as we get it from district.

Last year’s patrol was sixth and seventh graders. The eight graders (this year’s ninth) said they could have done better. Bolitho, Mosher, Fox, Culhane, Roper, Stehlik…I’m looking at you! It’s time for you to put up or shut up 😀 Cost for the weekend’s activities is $20 per person attending.

Sign Up sheet: www.volunteersignup.org/9L7JA
Permission Slip: https://northport410.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/19-673.pdf

You you all have a safe and happy holiday. Look forward to seeing everyone in 2018.


Reminder notes on Troop 410 Event Sign Ups

I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to sign up for an event. However, attempts to capture scout / parent interest is not working in its current form. Asking scouts at meetings isn’t working. Sending a sign up sheet link get’s 3 or 4 responses. I’ve been told that it doesn’t work from cell phones to well, so I’m going to try one other avenue to collect information. An online Volunteer Sign Up sheet site. Each event will have the information we are looking to collect. The site works well from cell phones. Info we need to collect is generally Scout Attending, Parent Attending and Not Attending. Just add the names and info in the corresponding section.

It will look like this when clicking on the link:

Selecting one of the options, will bring you to the form to fill out. If you are filling out a scout and a parent, make sure that you put your names in each section. Scouts name in scout section, and parent name in parent attending section. If your scout is not attending, please add to the Not Attending section. For attending parents, we’re also looking to collect one last bit of info. The number of scouts they can transport. With this site there is no easy way to capture it, so I ask that in your last name field on the form, put in parenthesis the number you can transport. Example:

Ideally, each event will have a response for each scout, roughly 40 responses. I don’t know how else to collect information on interest in events. If this fails, we’re most likely going to create a parent committee to figure out the next steps on trip planning and execution.