Polar Bear Swim – Postponement


Due to heavy concentration of ice on the beach, we are going to have to postpone our 1/1/2018 Polar Bear Swim. There is about a 2 foot build-up of ice at the water line & the ice sheet extends out for about 100 yards from the beach. It makes access to the water impossible for our event. We have rescheduled the Swim for March 18, 2018 (the Sunday after St. Patrick’s Day) and are going to publicize it as a Polar Bear Shamrock Swim.

We are reaching out to all the media outlets we’ve contacted for our event coverage to notify them of the change as well as the village, police & fire departments.

Please notify anybody else you’ve have asked to join us of the postponement, so as to minimize any confusion with our families, friends and neighbors.

Have a fun, safe and Happy New Year!!!


Andy Fox