Camping Gear

Hi folks,

Massdrop is a site that I use that buys from manufacturers in bulk and passes on some savings to the people that joined the "drop". Items don’t ship right away. Once the drop closes then the items are procured from the manufacturer and then shipped to you. I bought some socks in July that just came this week. If you need something right away, Massdrop is not for you. But with holidays coming up and future birthdays, it may work out for you. With backpacking trip to Philmont on the 2019 High Adventure calendar, you may need some items. Keep you eye on other drops as well.

This drop is for a Klymit Backpacking Starter Bundle

Included in the $180 bundle:
20 deg sleeping bag
Insulated sleeping pad (R value of 4.4. This would work well for cold weather camping)
Blow up pillow
Rapid air pump
The sleeping bag alone is $250 on Klymit web site.
Can add 60L backpack for additional $80. At 2.5 pounds, it’s not that bad for a 60L pack.

Klymit sells similar bundle on their website for $395. In that bundle they have a regular sleeping pad, not the insulated one. The regular won’t do well in cold weather. You’d freeze all night long. Also not included on the Klymit bundle is the manual air pump. Seems like a decent amount of savings.