Harriman Backpacking 2018

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Harriman Backpacking Trip – December 8

We are going to do an overnight backpack trip in Harriman State Park. Harriman is close by, just on the other side of the Tappan Zee Bridge. It’s not very difficult and would be great for scouts that haven’t been backpacking with us before. It’s not in the Catskills so we should be good weather wise. As long as we aren’t expecting a washout or extremely cold weather, we’ll go.

It may be chilly so proper clothing is a good idea. Also on any hike, proper foot wear is a must. Please wear a nice snug fitting sock. If you don’t have any, pick a pair up or pick up a sock liner for under your regular sock. It will help keep blisters at bay. For actual shoes, a nice hiking boot is needed that your foot won’t slide around in. You may even have to tie them to keep them from rubbing your foot. If you don’t have a hiking boot, sneakers will be fine for this hike. We’re not expecting rough terrain for this one.

We’ll meet at 6AM at the church on Saturday morning. Cost for the trip will be $15 for transportation expenses.

Again, here is a link to our Backpacking list. For this hike, pay close attention to the clothing and footwear. Keep eye on weather and dress accordingly.

Permission Slip: https://northport410.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/19-673.pdf

Harriman Backpacking 2018
December 8-9
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