March 2019 Events

Folks,Details on the outings/events planned for March are below. It is important that you read all the info otherwise you may miss a outing you were planning on attending.

The outings/events in this email are: TMR Winter Camping and Pancake Breakfast. We have regular meetings scheduled on March 13 & 20. The next Court of Honor is scheduled for March 27th. This is our Pot Luck COH.

TMR Camping – March 8 – 10
Annual camping trip to Ten Mile River Scout Camp Keowah. We’ll head up to TMR scout camps for a weekend of winter camping. We do secure cabins for use to limit our exposure to the cold. If you are tough enough, you can tent it as well. There is also a nice lake that is usually frozen and the scouts have a great time playing on it. Other activities include snow shoeing, hiking, possibly cross country skiing. This trip has been canceled previous years due to limited interest and severe weather. Let’s try to make this trip this year.

Cost for this trip is $25. Deadline for sign up is Feb 27th. Please note that there is no meeting on March 6th (Ash Wednesday) so we’ll need to know a week earlier than usual.

Sign Up sheet:

Permission slip:

Pancake Breakfast – March 16 (March 2nd for village advertising)

Annual Pancake breakfast supporting Troop 410’s Food for Scouting Initiative. Funds raised by this event will be donated to the Northport Food Pantry. We start at 6am and go to 2pm. We have scouts volunteer in four hour blocks. 6 – 10AM and 10AM to 2PM. Volunteered hours will count toward any community service hours needed by honor society, religious organizations, etc. We are usually pretty busy for this event and we need all hands on deck, as well as some parents if you are available. Also two weeks before, March 2nd, we will need boys to walk the downtown area asking local businesses to hang our flyer. We’ll have more information soon on the advertising of the event.

Sign Up sheet:

Pot Luck COH – March 27

Our next Court of Honor is on March 27th. It’s traditional that each family bring a meal or dessert for every one to enjoy. We start at 7 PM for this COH to give everyone some time to eat. We do need parents to coordinate the food and event setup. Buffet table, drink table, cups, plastic ware, etc… Parents, please consider helping with the coordination of this event. I’ve created a sign up sheet for use. We would like one parent to be the point of contact. We’ll make sure that you are able to send emails to the troop to coordinate what every one is bringing. Don’t want to be too heavy on desserts. Please contact me if you are interested to coordinate the food for the event.

Thank you.