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Webelos Woods – Cathedral Pines

Hello Troop,

We are set to go!

We are meeting at the church at 6PM Friday evening.

Please bring your FULL CLASS A uniform with shirt neckerchief and slide.

We will begin building the tower in the evening (yes in the dark) and complete the tower in the AM.

Weather is expected to be good during the day.


Joe Aiello

Troop – Reminders COH

Hello All,

Parents: Our next (first of the year) COH is next Wed. Oct 29th. Please come down and meet other Troop families as we recognize the boys advancements.

Scouts: Wanted to remind any scouts that are looking to get in any last minute rank advancements for the upcoming COH, that they make arrangements with me for any book sign offs and/or Scoutmaster conferences.

This week will be the last meeting that this stuff can take place in and have it ready for the COH.